Taste of Nova Scotia

Taste of Nova Scotia is a unique, province-wide marketing program, whose members are committed to offering the very best culinary experiences and products that Nova Scotia has to offer. Our membership base includes over 100 quality members across the province including producers, processors and an elite collection of the top restaurants in Nova Scotia.

Businesses interested in joining the program must undergo a thorough application and evaluation process. Once accepted into the program, members must be committed to maintaining the program's quality standards for food production, service and hospitality.

Nova Scotia is quickly becoming a recognized destination for food and beverage experiences as well as an exporter of quality food products. Taste of Nova Scotia is proud of our membership and the position of leadership and expertise that we provide in this area.

Great Flavour from an Old Company

Max Krauch arrives at J. Willy Krauch & Sons Ltd. at 3 a.m. most days. It's still hours before daybreak, but Max wants to get in to work early. Just to check on things.  "I like to take my time to see how everything is going and get ready for the day...


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