Saltscapes Expo

This article originally appeared on the Saltscapes Expo website.

Seafood and Atlantic Canada go hand in hand, and Nova Scotia seafood fishers, processors and producers have a long history of working together. One of the most iconic brands in the region for many years has been J. Willy Krauch and Sons, whose smoked fish products won the hearts and stomachs of foodies everywhere.

In the summer of 2015, when J. Willy Krauch and Sons were facing the challenge of closing down their company, Comeau’s Seafoods of Saulnierville saw a chance to continue the tradition of great local product, and purchased Krauch’s business, moving all production to Saulnierville. It was a perfect meeting of likeminded people who are passionate about quality seafood products.

Today, you can find J. Willy Krauch hot- and cold-smoked salmon and hot-smoked mackerel, and Comeau Seafood products throughout the region—for sale in stores and markets, and used in mouthwatering recipes at eating establishments, too. You’ll be able to follow your nose to the smell of great things cooking at their booth at Saltscapes Expo, too, with samples to try, recipes to take home, and of course, great products to buy and enjoy later.

Great Flavour from an Old Company

Max Krauch arrives at J. Willy Krauch & Sons Ltd. at 3 a.m. most days. It's still hours before daybreak, but Max wants to get in to work early. Just to check on things.  "I like to take my time to see how everything is going and get ready for the day...


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