Having close to 25 years of visual presentation, requested custom trimming, the nose, the flesh texture, our own cutting into a side, and our customer's valued feedback on taste of the Krauch Brand, cold smoked Atlantic salmon... Rodney's Oyster House has to positively endorse and approve of the transition to Comeau, of Krauch.

A massive responsibility in Maritime and Nova Scotia Artisanal Historical Salmon Smoking done brilliantly!

Thank You...

with appreciation

Rodney T. Clark
The Sage of Shellfish & Ocean Languages
Specializing in Oyster Tongues

Hello to the Krauch family!.

The smoked eel you sent me was perfectly smoked, it was the right size, super tender, the meat was rose as it should be, absolutely delicious, an experience my wife and I had not had since we last ate smoked eel in our home town in Northern Germany a few years ago. We invited five couples, our friends, and served the eel with German black rye bread, German beer and German "Korn" which is 40% clear liquor like vodka. We showed them how to hold the whole eel by the head, pull down the skin from top to bottom and eat the meat right off the length of it. It was a great dinner party and none of our American friends could have imagined how special smoked eel is and tastes. They all thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

Congratulations on your skills to perfectly smoke eel and thank you for this most delicious product.

Best regards

Fritz Brauer
San Diego, CA

Some of my favorite childhood memories are the visits to Willy Krauch's smokehouse with my dad. The whole experience - the tastes, the smells, the character of the place, was unique and special and it left it's mark on me .... in a good way. Years later, when I opened my restaurant in Halifax dedicated to offering the best local products, there was no question in my mind that Willy Krauch's smoked salmon and smoked eels would have a prominent place on our menu. We continue to feature them in appetizers and tasting menus to rave reviews. Willy Krauch's smoked salmon delivers consistent quality and amazing flavour for our clientele and we consider ourselves lucky to have this great family business as a key supplier.

Dennis Johnston
FID Resto

Willy Krauch smoked salmon is among my favorite Nova Scotia products. Its consistent hearty flavour, derived from locally harvested maple trees, is full, rich and smoky. Even when I was a chef in The Bahamas, I had it shipped to me because I think it is the best smoked salmon in the World!

Michael Howell
Tempest Restaurant
Wolfville, NS

My introduction to Willy Krauch and "Danish style smoked salmon" goes back to a submarine, a visit to a salmon smoker in the small town of Esbjerg on the coast of Denmark, and buying my first whole side. Fast forward a couple of years to 1968 and Halifax and a friend singing the praises of a salmon smoker in Tangier, on the eastern shore of Nova Scotia. Another visit, another side, and I'd found smoked salmon that's as good as any in the world. Maybe better (and, let us not forget the eel, and the hot-smoked salmon and mackerel, that complement the salmon).

Fast forward again to Ottawa, an inaugural meeting of a branch of the International Wine and Food Society, a perfect summer evening, fresh air on the bank of the Gatineau River, discriminating palates captivated by the taste of the delicate slices, and a chorus of "next time you go to Halifax, can you get a side for me".

That evening was almost forty years ago. Forty years and heaven knows how many sides have given pleasure to members of "the Fishnet". And heaven knows how many stories have embellished some of the travels the sides have enjoyed: stories of travellers who happened to be on their way to visit friends in Tokyo or Seoul or London or Bordeaux or Winnipeg or Peace River and served happily as couriers. And how many stories have celebrated the devoted labours and instinctive skills of Max, so fully versed in the artistry of the smoke-house, who continues the fine tradition established by Willy, his father. Long may it last.

Charles Gunning

The holiday season always begins with a delivery of the smoked salmon from Willy Krauch. For the last 25 years it has been a special treat for my family, friends and clients.

It is nice to deal with a company and product that is consistently reliable over the years. Keep up the good work!

P.S. I always order a complete half side uncut, wrapped and weighed.

Steve Clarke
Toronto, ON

Great Flavour from an Old Company

Max Krauch arrives at J. Willy Krauch & Sons Ltd. at 3 a.m. most days. It's still hours before daybreak, but Max wants to get in to work early. Just to check on things.  "I like to take my time to see how everything is going and get ready for the day...


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