J W Krauch & Sons produces fine hot and cold smoked seafood based on traditional Danish / European curing and smoking methodologies.

Hot smoking cooks the fish as it is smoked at temperatures above 170°F.  Cold smoked fish are smoked at a much lower temperature; this is the style that most people associate with smoked salmon.  These products are processed from the company's plant located at Comeau's Sea Foods Ltd. 60 Saulnierville rd, Saulnierville, NS.

The smoked fish contains natural salt, some are flavoured with herbs / spices and then flavoured with smoke derived from wild hardwoods of Nova Scotia.

The raw products range from certified farm raised Atlantic salmon and trout to wild harvested mackerel, herring and eels.

All of the fish are a good natural source of Omega 3 (essential fatty acids) which the scientific and medical community advises are good nutrients for the brain and heart.  There is overwhelming evidence suggesting that Omega 3 improves health, helps prevent diseases and that it is vital to include it in our diet.

Great Flavour from an Old Company

Max Krauch arrives at J. Willy Krauch & Sons Ltd. at 3 a.m. most days. It's still hours before daybreak, but Max wants to get in to work early. Just to check on things.  "I like to take my time to see how everything is going and get ready for the day...


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