The company ships its products throughout Canada and the United States.

We generally use the following shipping companies:

  • FedEx

We currently ship out on Monday and Tuesday (Subject to change).

Frozen orders must be in by Thursday 3pm in order to ship the next week on Monday or Tuesday.

Fresh orders are also shipped Monday's and Tuesday but must be ordered one week in advance no later than Tuesday 3 pm. Thanks.

Estimated shipping costs


(1-2 sides)

(3-4 sides)

(5-9 sides)

(10+ sides)































*USA shipping costs include all customs and FDA fees.

Extended service area surcharge by FedEx for some rural areas ($20).

Shipping Confirmation
Upon receiving an order that has an email address, we will confirm your order. If there are any issues with your shipment we will contact FedEX and track your shipment for you.

Incorrect Shipping Information
We will endeavour to contact you or the recipient to obtain the correct information. If we are unable to contact you or to resolve the issues, then we can not be responsible for product loss or damage.

Upon receipt please keep your product refrigerated.

Shipping Disclaimer:

Help us ensure that our products get to you on time and as intended by being accurate with all shipping information.

If a product is delivered to the wrong address or if the recipient is away you could be charged with a re-delivery or retrieval fee. We cannot ship to PO Boxes.

Please ensure that the recipient knows that the package is coming or ensure that they will be home at the time of delivery. FedEx will make several attempts to deliver the package but if the recipient is away for an extended period the product will need to be retrieved as it is perishable.

All packages will be shipped with a signature required upon delivery unless you request a “no signature required” option. This will be at the customer’s own risk and we will not be responsible for lost or stolen packages once delivery is complete. The “no signature required” option is not recommended in urban areas and will only be provided as an option during the winter months, in northern climates.

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